How wet can the grain be when it is loaded in the silo? 

It is a difficult question to answer, since many parameters play a part in this regard, such as moisture content, quantity, filling speed of the silo etc. Generally speaking, it is important to start the drying and stirring process as soon as 1.5 m grain is in the silo. You have to keep in mind, that you are carrying out a batch drying. Get a more detailed answer by contacting Inter-Silo.


Do I have to apply for a building permission prior to building a silo? 

Depending on the silo size and technical specifications you may need to aply for a building permission, and Inter-Silo can be of assistance in this process. 


What sizes of silos can I buy? 

From 200 to 1 064 t with stirring (drying silo) and from 61 to 37 500 t without stirring (aeration silo).


What is the service life of a silo? 

Generally speaking, the service life of a silo is 25 – 30 years. But the silo has to be maintained on a regular basis like any other machine. It is strongly advised to clean the roof after filling, so no dust or chaff can corrode the roof galvanization. It is also vital to keep roof vents and the space between the side wall and the roof free from dust – in this way, air and moisture can always get out of the silo when it is used.


How do I clean under the silo floor? 

Normally it is not necessary to clean under the floor. You may want to take out the floor every 8 to 10 years, clean the silo and re-mount the floor.


How long does it take to stir/mix the grain in a silo? 

The stirring system uses 6 – 8 hours to stir one revolution in the silo. During normal drying processes the stirring system will run 4 – 10 days depending on the moisture content in the grain. After this drying/stirring process the grain is also mixed into a 100% homogeneous volume.


Must I stir my silo during unloading? 

Yes, you need to let the stirring system operate in order to reduce the augers to be pulled towards the silo centre.


Can I dry maize in a silo with a stirring system? 

Definitely not! Maize harvested in Northern Europe often has a water content around 35 %. Since maize has a large kernel and the drying process in a stirring silo is – and has to be – slow, it will take too long to dry this type of crop. The maize would break down before it is dry. You cannot mix wet maize in a silo with e.g. dry wheat because the wet maize would spoil the dry wheat. A mobile dryer from Inter-Silo is the best option to dry your maize instead.